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Next Xodus takes a W!

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

After Ours LLC announces their "Bad Habits Challenge" Winner!


After Ours, LLC is proud to announce "Next Xodus" as the winner of the "Bad Habits Challenge!" His work ethic and enthusiasm clearly show through his music, and he is constantly improving both as an artist and an entertainer. His style and lyrics in his music have a certain aspect to them that could be characterized as "genuine" or "Soulful" due to the fact that he is not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve, or quite literally "put his life on the line." Since the beginning of his journey as a hip hop artist he has had tons of inspirations from some of the greatest hip hop artists of our time, such as: Eminem, Nas, J Cole, Hopsin, Atmosphere, and many more. Which needless to say, explains why his emotions are conveyed thoroughly thru is music. When asked what he wants listeners to gain or take away from his music he replied: "I want my music to be universal and connect with more then one audience on a deeper level. Also I want listeners to gain a healthier and more positive perspective on things, and learn to be themselves, and follow their hearts, rather than what everybody else is doing." Be sure to check out his newest album "Red to Black" available on all major music streaming platforms to catch a small glimpse of his passion for hip hop.



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